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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Outsource Live Chat Support Services

Information Technology Professionals, a Life Smile group enterprise is the top global IT and ITES company in providing best outsourced Live Chat answering support services from India as on offshore customer contact center. Outsourcing or Off shoring to Info Tech Professionals in India is the process of contracting out the online chat answering support services process to Info tech Professional. 

For online live chat support services a company has to actually provide its customer with a human interface to help the customer navigate through various activities such as purchase processes, filing online insurance claims, applying online for credit cards, technical support and endless other activities for which our friendly customer care executive will take your customer through all processes by providing the human interface required for an easy navigation. They can also courteously handle any complaints and suggestions, should there be any.

No e-commerce company can afford to overlook to the needs of that large segment of potential customers and the volume of sales that can be generated by providing courteous interactive support services and Info Tech Professionals has efficient solutions to provide e-commerce sites and portals with a friendly and efficient customer service "back-end." The contact can be initiated by voice call, web callback, chat, e-mail or fax with all the forms of customer contact being technically routed, queued, and monitored for consistent quality and turnaround time. 

Info Tech Professionals is a market leader in providing cost effective Live interactive chat support services from India to your valued global clients / customers. With almost all the companies show-casing their products and services on the Internet, there are now several ways in which a customer contact center can assist the web visitors with live customer support services and online chat can be one of the most compellingly effective tools a modern day company can use in building efficient and cost effective customer relationships. 

Alternately, based on the requirements and on predefined parameters the customer support executive could also trigger a proactive chat session with the web visitor and the advanced power tools like Page Pushing and Web Linking helps the customer support executive to deliver precise solutions to the web visitors, with a reactive or proactive mode of online collaboration.